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Jay “Three Ring” Carney


On the Other Hand, Jay Carney Undoubtedly Deserves His Global Humiliation

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Corruption? What corruption?

Corruption? What corruption?

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Or Is It Just Snuff Porn?


A positive (sic!) abortion story…

COMMENTARY’s Peter Wehner: Watching the Obama Presidency Die


Thusly Wehner sums up:

We are watching the Obama presidency die. The cause of death? Massive incompetence. Flawed ideology. And the Obama agenda coming into contact with reality.”

(Seriously, Wehner?) I know what you’re thinking: He’s missed the obvious.  Our citizenry can forgive, even forget lapses of competence.  A flawed ideology we can live with. We understand that reality jumps up and bites hard now and then.  Wehner poses a weak argument to suggest that a confluence of the imperfect is what ails this Presidency and Administration.  It’s such a seriously flawed analysis that it reflects badly on its author.

Rather, what Americans won’t abide is a confluence of Arrogance, Lies & Malfeasance, and Massive Corruption.  The Chicago Way, yes?  Especially the lies and the weaponization of the IRS.  It is one thing to be haughty and corrupt; these are selfish.

It is the lies and the institutional war against its political opponents through the instrumentality of the State that are the most damning… and the most dangerous.  These are what is causing the Presidency and the Administration to wane.

(Mr. Wehner, sir, you mentioned something about being t-boned by reality. (cough)  Reality, sir.  Want fries with that? – Ed.)

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Res ipso loquitor

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Benghazi Update


Via the Liberty Belle:
Benghazi: Op Zero Footprint – US & Allies Freak Over Gaddafi Demand for Gold for Oil – End Is Near

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Howard Chandler Christy


For Luke, who appreciates fine furnishings…

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Howard Chandler Christie; Nude on a Sofa, 1933

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When Will Liberals Understand That It’s NOT the Salesman…


…it’s the used CAR?

Silence of the Liberals: Obama’s Failures Are Making Liberals Very Nervous

We predicted this eight years ago. If Democrats and the left nominated Obama, based on that vapid, mellifluous address to the Democrat Convention in ’04, and “he” were to fail, they’d not be free to go ad hominem on him.

The problem with the old car isn’t the salesman in the golf outfit… it’s the engineering.

[Shame on us for listening to the used car salesman while ooohing and awwwing Styrofoam columns in the backdrop. - Ed.]

Judge Scott T. Horman Orders Photo and Name of Officer Jerry Bledsoe Removed From Citizen’s Internet Postings


The Blogfather has links.

YouTube link here.

Look at it this way: Judge Scott T. Horman and Officer Jerry Bledsoe should be proud of their actions, yes? All The more reason to shout ‘em from the rooftops.


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