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Steven Givler: Trees, Guincho Beach, 2014


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Trees, Guincho

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Peggy Noonan: America and the Aggressive Left


Peggy Noonan takes off the velvet gloves!

The constant mischief of the progressive left is hurting the nation’s morale. There are few areas of national life left in which they are not busy, and few in which they’re not making it worse. There are always more regulations, fees and fiats, always more cultural pressure and insistence.

Ah, Noonan!  There you are. We’ve missed you so. Many many thanks, and welcome aboard!  Please, if you will, bring a few from the Wall Street Journal editorial board with you.

I think a lot of people right now, certainly Republicans and conservatives, feel like a guy in a batting cage taking ball after ball from an automatic pitching machine. He’s hitting the ball and keeping up and suddenly the machine starts going berserk. It’s firing five balls a second, then 10. At first he tries to hit a few. Then he’s just trying to duck, trying not to get hurt.


But the left too is damaged. They look hollowed out and incoherent. Their victories, removed of meaning, are only the triumphs of small aggressions. They win the day but not the era. The result is not progress but more national division, more of a grinding sense of dislike. At first it will be aimed at the progressive left, but in time it will likely be aimed at America itself, or rather America as It Is Now. When the progressive left wins, they will win, year by year, less of a country.

Ms. Noonan, please let us emphasize: This is not a bug, this is a feature; indeed, the entire point!

But the left, too, is damaged.” Yes, very much so.  They’ve come about their damage honestly, through self-infliction, merely by reverting to type.  Bullies, tyrants and fools will out.

We noted during the Democratic primary that the contest was coming down to a choice for Democrats between a classical progressive on the one hand, and on the other an “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking” radical surrounded by individuals who fancied themselves revolutionaries. We may never know whether the Party felt it was running out of time and needed revolution Now! or if Hillary fumbled it and the Won took it by default. Either way, the result was that radicals coagulated into the administration and the bureaucracy at all levels.

Here we are.

We hope that the loyal opposition is offered a true choice of candidates this go ’round, and a true choice of philosophical and ideological options. We can count on the RINOcracy to serve-up the “moderate” who will vow to more intelligently (yeah, we know) run the administrative behemoth. We had better see, too, a real alternative; a candidate with a small-government reverse-course agenda. That… would be truly radical.

Is Schadenfreude a Sin?


Ouch! Glenn points to PJ Tatler’s post

In the early morning of February 26, after hours of debate, the UCLA student government rejected a motion to divest their funds from Israel, despite a concerted campaign by anti-Israel activists on campus.

Hilarity ensues.

It’s funny on one level, but there is a pathos to it.  One is tempted to have pity on the poor lass.  She [ ] appears weak and screwed-up; one wonders about her cohort.

A courteous tip o’ the hat goes out to UCLA students who voted 7-5 to defeat the divestment resolution.  They pass the Israel Test.

Jonah Goldberg’s Unwitting Humor #2,309


Via the BlogFather: JONAH GOLDBERG: By the way, lefties, Nazis are still socialists.

Like a good little pony, this is Goldberg’s one weird trick. (Reminder to Jonah: Big-government conservatives opposed to private arms are still (sigh) Nazis. – Ed.)


I envy Glenn’s grace and confidence.  Seriously, I have little tolerance for Goldberg and the majority of that kluster over at National RINO Online.  It’s easy to attack Democrats and eviscerate Lefties.  It is something else entirely to stand for Liberty and all of its messy, even ugly concomitant elements – and that includes support for private arms and the Second Amendment.

Sowell Bats .999


Hey, gonna miss a pitch sometime! Taking cheap shots at Ted Cruz wasn’t a great idea.

Liberty Belle Maggie has the gory details of Dr. Sowell’s latest at-bat. She called a strike-out. We agree.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, the great economist and political philosopher, says that Senator Ted Cruz is “looking out for himself,” and it’s not good for the only Party that can fix Obama’s disasters.

We can’t improve upon Maggie’s notes. PRTWT.

One assumption underlying Sowell’s view is that the Republican Party is the source of the solution. I find the naïveté rather shocking. The solution is in the commitment to same from an electorate dedicated to promoting Libertarian-Conservative values (or Classical-Liberal, if you please.) This generation of Republican leaders and legislators is so far from there as to be ideologically indistinguishable from their statist “opponents” across the aisle.

Economics is the study of the use of scarce resources that have alternative uses.” Ted Cruz is merely tapping into a huge, unmet market demand. Economist Sowell appears to have missed that small point, too.

Hey, on the up side, that means he’s batting .999!

So Justina Pelletier had been re-diagnosed – suffering “Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy“?


Ah. So were the parents allegedly poisoning the kid, you see, by manipulating Tufts & BCH medical staff into believing Justina had mitochondrial disease? Are we to believe that the symptoms are psychosomatic, and what she really needs is a shrink?

Should Harvard associated Boston Children’s Hospital and the State have the power to remove a child from the parent’s home and care so easily?

We find this story troubling on a number of levels. There’s a line in Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” where a father tells his many, many disappointed children that the family is broke and thus they’ve just been sold “for medical experiments.” We didn’t find the joke so funny at the time.

Now we find a major hospital and the state seizing children (plural, yes) against the will of the parents, having the parents charged with the crime of complaining publicly in defiance of Court gag orders and as a result, forcing the parents into poverty in their attempts to reunite with their children. The situation appears to be devolving past ‘nightmare’ into ‘Slavery by Proxy.’

You might toss ‘em a few buck$

Perhaps someone needs a shrink, but I doubt very much if it’s Justina Pelletier or her parents.

I smell the faint whiff of a massive lawsuit – if not a full-blown class-action here.

The Editor of the Previous Post Has Been Sacked.


Instead we offer a pair of Great Ti (cough!) uh, Parus Major. English Birds.

. . .

Pair of Great Tits parus major

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A Møøse once bit my sister.


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