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McCarthy, Ledeen, Iraq, and one option remaining


Thanks to Michael Ledeen at Pajamas. Maddening. He responds to NRO’s brilliant Andy McCarthy.

I take exception to McCarthy’s premise: that “Americans do not support, have no patience for, and would never go to war over the thankless enterprise of transforming the Islamic world.” When the “Islamic world” contains one or more nuclear-armed Armageddon-seeking antagonists, it’s about survival of our friends and our selves. Michael’s point is disturbingly clear: We can’t win in the Middle East in Iraq or Afghanistan unless we defeat the Islamist regime in Tehran.

I think it’s worse than that… We will lose. That will be no mere “error”, it will be a bloody nightmare.


Steven Givler: Lighthouse Keeper's Shack, Berlenga Island, 2011

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