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Republican Diagnosis: Dyslexia Politica leads inevitably to Electile Dysfunction or Why Rush Limbaugh is Right


Republican ED is a condition indicated by sagging numbers, “moderate” performance and ideological befuddlement. The condition is known colloquially as “Squishy.” The cause is a condition known as Dyslexia Politica. Put bluntly, many Republicans and “Conservatives” can’t tell Left from Right.

In a Manichaean political world such as America’s ‘Two Party System‘, the natural challenge is to maintain distinctive characteristics or attractive points of differentiation. The Opposition’s success in a particular area introduces another force – the desire to obtain the same competitive advantage. That force is an homogenizing one, tending to push both Parties to the “center.”

If only the problem was so simple. The Statist Left – under the guise of “Progressivism” – introduced a profound game changing lie: That American Liberty was an “extreme” position on the “Right” and that on the extreme “Left” lay dictatorial “Communism” and its variants. Under this false paradigm, the “moderate” position can only shift Leftwards as ‘Progressives’ achieve more and more of their legislative and social goals. That goal is Power, increasingly centralized Power.

This is precisely where American Republicans have fallen into the trap.

The Free Man seeks no power over others just as he rejects domination by others. Rush and his colleagues espouse an individualist political and philosophical position. The Rights to speak freely, to assemble peacefully, to own defensive weapons, for example, do not compel free speech or assembly, they require no fire-arm ownership. If one wishes to remain silent or alone or vulnerable and dependent, that is a freely made choice.

Liberty, then, is a condition between totalitarianism or authoritarianism on the one hand and on the other, anarchy and mayhem. It becomes the condition where the Individual governs himself.

It is the “Progressive” Left who make the false argument that a “moderate” position is one that enforces “make sense” limits on speech and property and self-defense. Thus it removes government from the individual and centralizes Power. Indeed, there is not a single “Progressive” goal that expands choices or freedoms for the Individual. Following in step, robust defense of Liberty, Self-government and the Constitution that protects them is almost entirely missing from a typical “Moderate Republican” platform.

Republican “moderates” argue instead that in order to win elections, they must “win the middle.” Republican Doctrine assumes that a “moderate” or “centrist” compromise adopting the Progressive paradigm will win the group… and thus the pols. Not so fast… First, who are the middle, and what do they want?

This much wooed “middle ground” is hardly a monolithic bloc. Rather, it is composed of “Centrists”, “Moderates”, “Undecideds”, the Confused, the Uninformed and a whole lot of uncommitted shoppers looking for a Party that will represent their wallets and pet issues from election to election. Very importantly, the “middle” is composed as well of Libertarians and Conservatives long denied access to influence within the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Republican Doctrine is stunningly naive in that it misunderstands the needs of independents and it grossly denies the middle – everyone – a true Manichaean option. The one major Party with a core is now the Democrats, and it is hard Left. Denied the choice of a major-party straight Right alternative, a statistical Leftward electoral drift is – rather, was – inevitable.

No Right-principled Party can hold permanent sway over the majority of middle-grounders every election. Yet just as the country can drift Left, it can drift Libertarian-Rightwards once more, if and only if Republicans follow Reagan’s lead and confidently embrace principled conservative-libertarian values.

Conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, and the legions of libertarians and conservatives speaking-up and demonstrating will transform the Republican Party by simply doing end-runs around the effete leadership. The key is to encourage direct sponsorship and support of Libertarian Republican and Conservative Republican candidates.

Liberty is the ultimate moderate condition and… Liberty can be restored in America. Barry Goldwater reminds us that

extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Update 2010-09-16: Related thoughts – Carroll Quigley on the Ropes…

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