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True North Strong and a Little More Free: Canada Passes Bill C-391, Scraps the Long Gun Registry


Glenn Reynolds links us to Volokh Conspiracy’s Dave Kopel: The most important right to arms vote of 2009:

Canada’s Parliament voted today to repeal the Long Gun Registry: 164 to 137.

From Professor Gary Mauser**:

First, let us review what we know: The gun registry is expensive and ineffective. At least $2 billion has been wasted on it so far. It is error-ridden, ineffective, and, most important, has not had any demonstrable effect on violent crime (Mauser, 2001, 2006). Specifically, the homicide rate has stayed the same since the registry was implemented in 1998 (see figure 1). As well, it is roundly hated, so hundreds of thousands of gun owners have refused to cooperate with it and register their guns.

Passing the Torch… Vive le Canada Libre!

[**Mauser… has a great ring to it, yes? -Ed.]

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