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R. Emmett Tyrrell: Why Is No One Laughing?


THE CURRENT CRISIS via the American Spectator’s RET:

“WASHINGTON — What would the mainstream media’s response be if former governor Sarah Palin described China’s economic growth to an audience of students in Shanghai as “an accomplishment unparalleled in human history”? That is what the most inexperienced president in modern American history said in Shanghai this week. I wonder if any of the assembled journalists choked. President Barack Obama makes such unhinged pronouncements with the kind of frequency that if he were anyone else he would be set down by the media as a boobie. I take that back. Vice President Joe Biden is equally gaffable, yet no one in the mainstream press makes him out to be a boobie. When he was tapped to be Senator Obama’s running mate he was widely acknowledged — from ABC to NBC and with all the like-minded newspapers in between — as a foreign policy colossus.”

Please read the whole thing. R. Emmett Tyrrell’s clarity and humor are needed now more than ever.

Our friend Michael Ledeen reminds us of Machiavelli’s caution to leaders… that a leader must not earn the contempt and ridicule of those he leads. It’s one thing to make gaffes and errors. It’s another to repeatedly make make the same mellifluous mis-pronouncements or pull a groveling protocol stunt over and over. It would have a wry humor to it if our nation wasn’t also in a battle to limit damage from blatant legislative and administrative malfeasance. We have Reid and Pelosi and Holder and the Czars to contain.

Where Obama and Biden have the respect of their sycophants in the old media, that’s about as far as it goes. Their present disposition is a vast overstatement of their real power.

It’s conservative gals such as Sarah Palin and Michel Bachmann who are earning the trust of the electorate, including many “independents.” There is genuine roll-back in the works.

These can’t be days of joy for the likes of poor Katie. One year on, so little accomplished, and the future looks dimmer with each Tea party…

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