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Riehl on Frum on Palin… Shoveling Amateurish Ad-Hominem Right Back


Dan the Man does the dirty work this blogger simply won’t do. He reads and elegantly mocks David Frum.

“Pretty pathetic, even for David Frum. However, I do believe we can learn from this.

“This is a woman who has got into a position of leadership by sending very powerful sexual signals. And we see that in the way that men like her much more than women do.

“With about the same level of detailed analysis Frum cites here to reach his conclusion, clearly this Andrew Sullivan-like response suggests, married or not, Frum is obviously reacting to Palin as a homosexual would. Consequently, it can only be his latent homosexuality coming out. They are both from foreign countries and think similarly about Sarah Palin. What more proof could we want? It’s simply so obvious to me, there’s no reason to question the conclusion. Someone call NPR.”


Dan’s blog is one of this blogger’s inspirations. Over there <— in the side column on the Right we post regular RiehlWorldView updates. [Yeah – just like Day by Day, where you'll find him is on the Right.]

Update comment: Frum’s assertion that Palin “got into” her position of leadership by “sending very powerful sexual signals” is so offensively ignorant that it tells us volumes, rather, about Mr. Frum. David’s masterpiece “Comeback” sold , what? 50,000 copies. Would Mr. Frum like to take a bet that Governor Palin has sold more copies of her book – Going Roguebefore its release – than the combined sales of all of Frum’s books over his career? Sarah Palin’s resonance with American conservatives does an end-run past effete ‘pundits’ such as Frum and David Brooks and Dreher and Moran…

My view is this: Sarah Palin (like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Barry Goldwater before them) represents to me values and ideals consistent with Liberty. I am not looking for a perfect voting record nor human infallibility. Palin’s arrival on the scene simultaneously with the modern Tea Party phenomenon answers an unmet demand amongst voters for real libertarian-conservative leadership. Perhaps like Goldwater, Sarah may never become President. Like Goldwater, however, Palin’s influence and resonance in undeniable and powerful.

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