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Evolution of Punk: From Anger to Self-Destruction in One Generation


We’re so pretty/
Oh so pretty/

The Sex Pistols

Bob Belvedere over at Camp Of The Saints: WHY CAN’T A WOMAN BE MORE LIKE A WOMAN responds to Christopher Orlet’s American Spectator article No Class

“On Thursday, The American Spectator published a very good article by Christopher Orlet on the phenomenon that is growing of women trying to equal or outdo men behaving badly while intoxicated. It’s no secret that men in the Anglosphere have taken bad behavior up many notches, but now young women and following suit. The evidence strongly suggests that this is one of the end results of the Feminist Movement […]”

“Here you see the disaster that has been wrought by all of the women’s study courses and all the peer pressure and all of the incessant [one might calling ‘nagging’] propagandizing in the culture by the radical Feminists and their followers. Women, in order to feel ‘equal’ to men feel compelled to engage in obnoxious and indecent behaviour and deny themselves the joy and obligations of motherhood. Wow, what a victory you’ve achieved gals! I guess you’re feeling quite fulfilled now, aren’t you?

“In his conclusion, Mr. Orlet clings to a not unjustified hope:

“Anytime you try to make over society in its entirety there is bound to be a reaction. And while reactions are seldom beautiful things, they are wholly predictable. Our drink-besotted daughters parading half naked through the streets are, in a strange way, a reaction to emasculating feminism and political correctness. Fortunately, reactionary periods fade. And when it does let us hope that young women will stop emulating young men, or if they must, they emulate young men with some class.”

I see Britain’s dystopian misadventures somewhat differently. I wonder if what we’re observing is an expression of anger and hopelessness.

The average Brit knows the game’s rigged, and ‘Britain‘ is over. Flanders and Swann used to darkly laugh at England’s self-effacing self-destruction back in the ’60’s. This new generation has no room left for humor or irony.

Culturally non-assimilated immigrants have the PC rules stacked against the native. England and Wales are just quaint Provinces of a much more ‘important’ Europe. Big business crushes the small upstart. Big Government and EUnuchs tax the productive into near poverty. The Beeb and the Media abhor the Individual. The very safety net that “protects to poor” entraps the ambitious. “Why the fvck” would a young Briton bother with standards of behavior and expression when they know that they do not matter to themselves or to their own future? They certainly don’t matter to the State. Can we judge the frustrated and rowdy given their situation? Look at that gal in the photo.

It is mind-boggling how quickly centuries old traditions, mores, and manners fade away. Within one decade all of the old taboos that regulated and instructed the behavior of young, middle-class women have been swept away. In the late 1970s, when my older sister was in school, the female students policed the behavior of their fellow classmates, lest one bad girl give the entire school a “bad reputation.” “Ten years ago, it was unacceptable for women to go out and get absolutely hammered,” one ladette recently told a Canadian magazine. No more. If the moral policing of my sister’s generation was extreme, we have today swung to the opposite extreme. Following a naked lap dance by a male stripper, another ladette waxed philosophically: “This is about equality. Men go out and have a good time. Why can’t it be the same for women?”

Bollocks, as they say. It ain’t about emulation or equality – it’s about hopelessness. Not a word about family or kids or the future – it’s all about the present and its escape. Orwell and Hayek had it nailed. Examine the birthrates of the native British populations and ask yourself if there will be a Britain thirty years from now.

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