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The Other Smitty: "Are we moving into a new stage in the struggle for liberty?"


“I’m probably not supposed to notice this, but…” Christopher “I love me some squid porn” Smith notes the Spy vs Spy element of the present competition:

Consider, though:

* Giles and O’Keefe had to pose as people engaging in criminal activity and use a spy camera to expose a worse problem. Now, Andrew Breitbart is trying to use the possibility of further video releases to pressure the US Attorney General into…doing an AG’s job?

* We have a break-in at a British school that exposing that a world-wide cabal of scientists may not have been…doing their job?

People in positions of trust seem increasingly criminal in their approach to their tasks. Worse still, and this is the question I’m throwing out here, is the only remedy for honest people to engage in increasingly lawless behavior, with break-ins here and feigned criminal activity there, in order to support reform?

Hey, the Left gave us Alinsky. They never thought for a moment that Alinsky’s sword cuts in both directions.

To respond to Smitty’s question… Why do you say “only”, man? For starters, both ACORN and Gaiaism were under assault and diminishing credibility prior to recent shady confirmations, and would ultimately fail without the exposées. Scuzy dirt is not the main fare, just a savory remove, but I’m not so sure it’s even needed.

Reform starts at the dinner table and moves on from there to Tea Parties. Revelations by Hanna and the Hackers are amusing, but geez Smitty… We’re busting the Repube’s balls, man. ‘Cuz the real work of Reform begins locally. All nice n’ legal, all totally unstoppable.

By the way… Make ya a deal, pal: I’ll write Instapundit and tell him your site is “awesomely cool and funny“, and I’ll toss in more article links for… let’s see… One week’s Glory on your HOT BLOGS roster.

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