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More Than Just Temperatures Falling: How the Left and Global Government Dreams Will Collapse


Recall those imperiled Polar Bears

They cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe, their fragile grip the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming.

Captured on film by Canadian environmentalists, the pair of polar bears look stranded on chunks of broken ice.

Although the magnificent creatures are well adapted to the water, and can swim scores of miles to solid land, the distance is getting ever greater as the Arctic ice diminishes.“

Today Left Coast Rebel notes the Great Email Hack and points to Lord Monckton’s recent comments on what is emerging as the greatest fraud case in modern history. LCR:

I’ve come around to talking about this via a Viscount Monckton Pajamas Media exclusive released today on the topic. He’s convinced, to say the least that the email hack incident proves his many assertions over the years as a preeminent global warming skeptic.

The collapse of the Soviets and fall of the Berlin Wall by Reagan and Thatcher a few decades ago and the shift of China to a significantly market-driven economy thirty years ago ended the Left’s claim to a superior model for human economic prosperity. It was also during those years that the Left’s ‘Plan B’ strategy was hatched: Find a crisis to exploit, some universal victim of all humanity worthy of mankind’s abdication of freedom, some Cause that could unite marxists and progressives and socialists and totalitarians of many stripes.

That Cause was ready at hand: the Environment, Mother Gaia herself. The victims were served-up on ice: Polar bears, manatees, spotted owls, cave centipedes, millions of species all threatened by man’s activity, both aggressive and passive, near and at great distances; The Crisis became the impending inferno of Global Warming and diluvian nightmares of flooded coastlines and vast species extinctions… (Reminds me of the old joke about the couple on holiday. “Oh My G-d! Honey! I left the oven on!” “It’s OK, sweetheart, I forgot to turn off the bathwater…”) Right. Where was I?

Yes: But how to pull it all off?

Ah. Genius, I tell you. Along comes a fraudster from Manitoba, Canada with a novel theory that Earf wasn’t heading into a New Ice Age – as was all the rage back then – but rather that CO2, the very stuff of carbon-based life forms – the very breath we humans exhale – was a pollutant that would overheat the atmosphere and …

We’re all going to die! Er…

…after we kill-off the Environment, of course. Elegant, efficient, and the stuff a really marvelous (though socially just and benevolent) global tyranny could use. The guy had backing from some very powerful forces. This had the making for amazing new business models. Carbon trading bourses, global treaties, international courts, universal taxes… There was one force that refused to cooperate.


Our Manitoban, all of them on the Left forgot the Engineer’s Caution: “Mother Nature Is A Bitch!” They also failed to understand the power of McLuhan’s Law: The Medium is the Message. The essential medium of the Internet is Liberty. The more the emails reveal, the more the credibility of the entire Left suffers, and the more opportunity for Liberty to fill the vacuum.

The ClimateGate scandal and damage won’t be limited simply to a cluster of now discredited scientists…

  • This revelation of deceit undermines the precious environmentally sensitive “moderation” of the modern pseudo-Conservative and international soft-tyrant.
  • It diminishes the power of existing governmental Agencies to pass anti-business and anti-property regulations on behalf of those poor, “drowning” Polar Bears.
  • This scandal pulls the rug out from beneath so much of the global power agenda of the UN.
  • It also has the potential to eventually correct distorted market forces behind “Environmental Design” and the crippling surcharges such projects incur.

It took thirty years of corruption to build the vampire’s nest called “Environmentalism.” How long it will take to de-fang these beasts, I don’t know. I do know that it is rotting from the inside.

Update: It’s the Kreb’s Cycle, man.

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