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Peter Ferrara: The Rebirth of America


The American Spectator’s Peter Ferrara steps into coach Vince Lombardi’s shoes:

America’s Rebirth

John Bolton has referred to President Obama as America’s first post-American President. By this he means that instead of pursuing America’s interests in relation to the rest of the world, President Obama is pursuing the rest of the world’s interests in relation to America. In other words, Obama is imposing on America the policies the rest of the world would like to see stuffed down our throats.

“The American people are in the process of decisively rejecting the socialist economic policies and the Peace through Weakness defense policies of the New Left. Longtime American institutions that went in whole hog on the Left Wing takeover of America, from the New York Times to the Democrat party, are going to be swept away in the social tsunami that is coming.

“The fundamental issue is this: watch not where the pendulum is today, but to where it is swinging, and with what force.

Following Goldwater and Reagan we had bought into the notion of “kinder gentler America”, “third way” and “compassionate Conservatism.” Those soft-Left miscreants gave us marvels like the CRA and BCFR and Troubled Recovery Asset Program… and the hard-Left nightmare we now face when libertarians’ and conservatives’ interests were abandoned.

The hard-Left have both Houses and the Administration, the ear of the UN and one more year to craft legislation, regulations and treaties with which to strangle to death the Constitution. They are so close… so very close. Yet, their frustration and anger is palpable: It was supposed to be end-game, with Liberty laying-down the Constitution in defeat.

Rather, it would be, if not for Rick Santelli’s impassioned call for ‘tea parties‘ and Peter Ferrara’s TAS article What Conservatives Must Now Do and to bloggers and Sarah Palin and Mark Levin and to a hacker in the UK… the whole thing is coming apart.

More, and more importantly… unlike during the days of Reagan, the American public – especially it’s inquisitive youth – is awakening in numbers. How far will the pendulum swing? Republicans will not be able to offer up another RINO without facing permanent defeat – and they know it. We will elect leaders who will undo much of the ‘progressive’ cancer of regulations and entitlements. We will restore property rights, strengthen First and Second and Tenth Amendment rights. We will radically change taxation. Smitty has ideas. Eric Dondero is working to change and recharge the Republicans. There is more going-on than anyone can even catalog or describe… Goldwater and Reagan and the Conservative pioneers had lit a fire perhaps bigger than they had ever imagined.

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