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Bob McCarty: Six Important Facts About the Assault Charges Three Navy SEALs Face for Doing Their Jobs


Dear Reader… Here’s something that will change your day.

Via Big Government, cross-posted at Bob’s site:

As my first investigative reporting effort related to the SEALs’ case, I offer six important facts about the case you’re likely not to read about in the mainstream media supplied to me by a source whom I cannot name inside the Pentagon:

Please read Bob’s post.

Bob got me laughing – in a dark way, mind – with these:

7) The United States will likely spend more time prosecuting Navy SEALs for giving a murdering terrorist a bloody lip than it will executing battle plans in Afghanistan;

8) I no longer believe President Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya. Instead, I’m convinced he must have been born in France;

Thank-you McCarty. Support our troops. Please contact your Senator and Congressman about this.

[One impetus driving me to blog was the failure of Bush Lite™ to protect or to fully pardon Ramos & Compean. I’ll be following Bob’s site for updates. – Ed.]

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