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Where Sarah Palin is Just Plain Wrong…


Left Coast Rebel & Howard Towt dig a gal with a shootin’ iron – especially the rare Arctic Fox. I mean, yeah. But some things must be said, gents…


The M4 isn’t 7.62 NATO. It’s a mouse gun. You want an AR10, M1A or FN-SCAR variant in 7.62 NATO (or .308 Winchester.) You want to have “feedback” when you pull the trigger – and – your enemy wants to know (for sure) that he’s on his way to his 70 sheep or whatever. A high-velocity .223 such as the M4 shown just… doesn’t cut it.

Secondly… Earrings? Wedding ring? Gauche. A warrior princess might practice with earplugs and leather gloves.

Last thing… Aimpoint CompML3 Red Dot Sight 30mm isn’t bad. Now, I’m partial to iron sights – express sights, actually – but my guru of Gun-Fu, African Hunter Magazine’s Ganyana, has been very positive about red-dot sights. Ganyana knows a thing or two about “stopping” big, nasty beasts… and I defer to Ganyana – though my experience is that low-tech is also inherently low-risk.

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