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Libertarian Republican & Jumping In Pools: Eric Dondero and Tim Knight map the Libertarian-Conservative Coalition


Tim Knight, as a guest at Libertarian Republican:

For a Jeffersonian Coalition of Conservatives and Libertarians to Defeat the Left

During the 2008 Presidential election, Conservatives and Libertarians worked against one another. The greatest example is in North Carolina, where Bob Barr’s campaign stole enough votes from John McCain, to cost him the state’s crucial electoral votes. Now imagine if the Presidential election came down to just North Carolina, and because of Bob Barr……..we got Obama instead.

Eric Dondero, as a guest at Jumping in Pools:

The Differences between Conservatives and Libertarians

A Proposal for Compromise on Both Sides

The election of Barack Obama has fundamentally altered the political spectrum, most especially on the right side. Libertarians and Conservatives are now finding themselves much more in agreement than ever before. Longheld disputes between the two have dissipated in importance, as the looming threat of Obama-fascism seeks to take away all of our liberties away. But a few differences still persist, and it’s important that we acknowledge the areas where we Libertarians and Conservatives part company, so as to allow for greater cooperation in the 80% of issues we agree on.

This is so very refreshing – for years, the most interesting arguments I’ve read have been between Libertarians and Conservatives. Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians were served-up a Statist quasi-Conservative in Bush Lite™ and then John McCain, to run against a dynamic young Socialist tempering his mellifluous promise of “change” with no tax increases for the Middle Class – a Conservative policy. We never stood a chance.

Eric focuses upon domestic issues in his post while Tim looks at the broader security issues – with much overlapping comment. Many thanks to Tim Knight and to Eric Dondero – Bravo gents!

Please commit yourself to get involved and remain engaged

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