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Dan Blatt: Whose Side is David Frum on, anyway?


Daniel Blatt addresses the question applicable to many “conservatives”…

While David Frum frequently posts intelligent policy pieces advocating conservative reforms and regularly makes thoughtful comments lambasting big-government Democratic initiatives, all too often he buys into the liberal narrative, you know those Administration talking points, about the GOP. One such talking point is that while President Obama reached a hand out to the GOP in an attempt to work with them, Republican legislators replied by turning their backs (or spitting in his face).

Please read Dan’s article…

Frum and his confrères on the Squish side have been caught between a rock – principled Conservatives in the Base – and several very hard places: The first such hard place is their early adoption of the Left’s AGW hypothesis and proposed Big Government “solutions” to Health Care – the notion that “conservative Republicans can do it better”, as it were, than liberal Democrats. The second hard place for them is this notion that conservatism – the defense of Liberty – wins via “compromise.”

To the first idea – that we will “get” more conservative results via Frum’s compromising methodology – is just laughable on it’s face. A gentle turn left is not more conservative… it’s less Statist. Loss of Liberty is still a loss.

Which brings us to the Squishies’ second failure: We advance by defeating Liberals and Statists, not by adopting the great Canadian art of “legislative compromise.” We “get” conservative results – increased Liberty – when we force Democrats and liberal Republicans into a compromise over exactly how much reduction in Government and Regulation occurs as we push-back, hard.

I think, too, there’s a third hard place for Frum and his kin – and it’s killing them: Sarah Palin. I have never seen such penis envy… catty ad-hominem on the one hand and petty condescension on the other. Squishie disconnect with the Conservative base and the Tea-Party phenomenon caught them totally unprepared. We’re not looking for intelligent “compromise”, we want to rebuilt Liberty… We don’t want to be turned into Newts, dammit.

The game is not one of compromise but of winning. Libertarians and Conservatives are now winning in the marketplace of ideas. As far as the Squish are concerned, I wish they would lead, follow or just please get the Hell out of the way.

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