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To Atheist Missionaries everywhere…Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! and A-C-L-YOU, pal!


Just in time for Hannukah…

To the quiet atheists out there, to the agnostics, to the questioners, I hear you. Spent my youth in your camp. I rather have a problem with the loud missionaries next door… not the Witnesses or Lubavitchers, the Atheist Missionaries.

The Right Stuff brings us a story of an entrepreneur who’s road sign offers the following holiday cheer:


The story gets better as happy little trolls come out of the toy closet to play. The Right stuff replies:

The whole issue these little libs have is that someone dared to stand up to them and say “Screw you!” Their widdle feewings must be hurt, so they’re going to whine and whine about how they are the minority and how wrong it is to say such hurtful things. That’s all it boils down to. They’re young, 20-something Generation-Me members who have been raised in the religion of political correctness and that the only thing that matters is how they feel.

The snarkasm comes from years of irritation, awareness of ‘Progressive‘ evangelical Atheism’s chipping away at the Judeo-Christian core of western civilization, their private war on Natural Law. The Missionaries have spent many decades eroding the influence and reach of civilization’s ethical and moral guidelines for personal choice and action. It is not coincidental that personally limited choices and action, guided by faith in God, is the very foundation of Liberty. Without God, there is no Liberty.

From the (brutally succinct) War Room’s Jim Quinn:

21. There is no such thing as the separation of church and state. That is a trick to intimidate people of faith. The founders feared a Church of the United States, not a manger scene outside the courthouse or red and green cookies in school. In using this canard as a tool to drive all God centered religion out of public life, the secular humanist actually establishes an official state religion. That religion is Atheism.

Atheists don’t like to hear that they, paradoxically, have succumbed to a unique phenomenon of the human condition: Mankind will turn anything into a religion if it serves his purpose.

The lie in Atheists religion is twofold: Firstly, they believe – sans proof – that there is no God. Fine. That’s their right – but yet the activist devout insist that their belief is not “religious faith.”

I would be ready to accept the former if a second lie wasn’t being jammed in our faces daily: That in order to not “offend” those of religious faiths, we must publicly defer to “neutrality” – formal expressions of Public Atheism – and they use the Sacrament of Separation of Church and State to impose Atheism wherever they can… in the name of tolerance, you know…

Screw Missionary Atheists. By that I mean hold their false ideals to account and push back. For example, I want Christian Prayer in schools – and that’s from an Orthodox Jew.

Why? Far from offense, my children are safer in their own beliefs and practice when their friends are safe in their own. We taught our children to be respectful and supportive towards their Christian neighbors.

We are not threatened by the Christianity of our neighbors. Missionary Atheist jackasses are the jihadis, the conquistadors, the atheocrats.

To Si Vis Pacem’s Christian and Jewish friends, Godspeed. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

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