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Open Call to Congressional Republicans: Stand Up to the Democrats in Congress, or face a Tea Party Rebellion in your own Ranks


From J B Williams at the Libertarian Republican:

It’s official folks, with the Democrats steamrolling over the GOP filibuster intended to stop another TRILLION in wasteful spending yesterday, Republicans in congress have been handed their hat once again.

Do you republicans not know that you are completely irrelevant? Or do you just not have the spine to take a real stand? Democrats are making asses out of all of you!

This is NOT a game!

Please read it all. If you’re a blogger, please link to it. Thanks!

Our take: Congressional Republicans would be better to grow a set of ideals – and stand-up in Congress. Reach out to the Base. The Democrats in Congress and the Administration are totalitarians, and they are on the fast-track to accomplish the destruction of the Constitution. STAND YOUR GROUND AS FREE MEN AND FIGHT.

Hat’s off to Libertarian Republican.

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