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From today’s Washington Post editorial:

“… The administration has worried excessively that open U.S. support might damage the Green Movement. Now President Obama has publicly taken sides, and the battle inside Iran has reached a critical juncture. It’s time for the United States to do whatever it can, in public and covertly, to help those Iranians fighting for freedom.”

(Caveat: The President has also publicly stated his support for American workers and employment. Recall his solemn promise to bring no new taxes on the middle middle-class.)

The side-bar has a special section near the top focussed on Iran. The masthead of Iran News Digest says it perfectly: “America’s Interests Rests With the Iranian People. Support Them America!


From a recent post: Iran’s freedom movement has useful parallels to America’s Tea Party movement… both reflect the importance of return to Liberty when Tyranny fails to deliver on it’s promises. I’m interested as well because the present regime (in Iran) is a prime sponsor of terrorism; The ramifications of such an event may effect the situations in neighboring Afghanistan and Iraq – and yeah, here at home.

From a post November 11th: The American Spectator’s Tom Bethell interviews Michael Ledeen of The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Dr. Ledeen’s new book, Accomplice to Evil: Iran and the War Against the West, from St. Martin’s Press is now out.

Accomplice to Evil is in part a response, as Ledeen put it some time back, to the question of “why nations/leaders/people refuse to recognize evil, even when it’s a mortal threat.”…

TB: If the Islamic regime is overthrown, what will replace it?

: I think a secular regime, and for this paradoxical reason: the leading senior clerics will insist on it. The grand ayatollahs don’t want an Islamic Republic anymore. They have seen that it is very bad for Islam. They have rediscovered Tocqueville. Religion works best when it is a free choice.

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