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Government reinvents… slavery.


Mom of 9 cries foul
Claim: I was sterilized against my will
By Jessica Fargen, Boston Herald

Please read the whole article.

I am a firm believer that no-one owns another. The “public dole” does not confer ownership. Pets are owned, and pets may be spayed, neutered and even euthanized by their owners. NB: owners.

Some don’t like other people having kids on the public dole? Fine! Agreed! Let’s end the fvcking dole then… but let us not play God. Here’s a scenario to contemplate: Suppose the Fed makes your job illegal or kills its market. You are now on the dole, pal. (That, or starve.) Feeling comfortable? Me neither.

God did not give me the right to fascistically decide for another whether that person has a right to reproduce. Neither does God (nor the Constitution) give government the power to own that woman. We fought a civil war and a world war over that question.

God gives every human the right to life – which includes procreation. The very first commandment in the Bible is “Pru ur’vu” – “Go forth and procreate” – and it applies to us humans. It is a Right and a Responsibility.

What the Government did to Tessa Savicki was, in my opinion, an unforgivable, sick evil. It can be argued that the medico ought to face jail for what was an ugly, ugly assault with genuine harm. Can not we as civilized people take Tessa Savicki into our hearts and respect her most basic rights as a woman?

I’m sure Margaret Sanger and Doc Mengele are looking up, smiling

Tip o’ the hat to The Right Stuff.

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