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Psyche and Cupid


Smitty’s ‘n Stacy’s Rule 5 challenge is an opportunity to explore, yes?

Update: Here’s blogmaven Smitty’s Rule 5 Sunday roundup.

This week’s Si Vis Pacem Retro Rule Five offering recalls William-Adolph Bouguereau’s 1895 painting Le Ravissement de Psyche. The image is, to me, one of the most erotic and beautiful renderings of the female ever accomplished. I don’t know who Bouguereau had in mind as Psyche, or who posed, though clearly he liked this woman.

His muse reappears elsewhere, such as here, semi-nude in Jeune fille se défendant contre l’amour.

Here’s the thing: There is nothing to compare with seeing sculpture and painting – to experience works – such as these in a gallery, full-life.

Reminds me: Check Bob Belvedere’s reprise of Jean Harlow… ’tis the one that doesn’t belong. Just scroll down.

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Update: To the chump who linked us at “Nation of Cowards”… [Expletive deleted. -Ed.] You don’t represent our sort of Libertarian or Conservative values, if any at all. Please don’t link us again. And don’t just stupidly cut ‘n paste Smitty’s work. That’s cheap, like the rest of the gharbazh on your site. Thanks… so much.


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