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RiehlWorldView: Palin Takes Shot At CPAC. Ouch


Before I put another notch in my lipstick case/
You better make sure you put me in my place” – Pat Benatar,

From Politico:

“Palin is declining an invitation to address the Conservative Political Action Conference next month because, a source said, she does not want to be affiliated with the longtime organizer of the traditional movement confab.

At issue is the role of David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union which organizes CPAC. In September, POLITICO reported that Keene asked FedEx for between $2 million and $3 million to get the group’s support in a bitter legislative battle with rival UPS.

A source close to the Palin camp says that request led to a decision to stay away from the upcoming CPAC conference, calling it a forum that will place “special interests over core beliefs” and “pocketbook over policy.”

“That’s not what CPAC should be about and people are tiring,” the source said. “Palin is taking a stance against this just as she did in Alaska.”

Dan Riehl:

“CPAC was good enough for Reagan and good enough for Limbaugh when I heard him speak there the year before. And it’s also been good enough for a great many other fine conservatives I’ve observed over the years, with more to come, I’m sure. But not good enough for Sarah Palin?

I’m not so sure. Let’s hope it isn’t a case of skin too thin because Keene suggested she had some things to do and learn if she wanted to be president one day. I believe that’s a fair assessment.”

I disagree with Dan on that assessment. Keene has allowed himself to appear as an elitist and a bully… rather it is he who has a few things to learn. Keene and CPAC have had nothing to do with Sarah Palin’s success to date, and by going rogue, Palin will assure that they will have none going forward.

Something tells me that won’t matter. There is an issue of integrity that Palin won’t yield, and that standard is valued by her supporters. Count me in.

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