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Memo to Quin Hillyer: Get over CPAC, brother.


Update: We had mispelled Mr Hillyer’s first name earlier. Please forgive the error. – Ed.

Quin Hillyer is someone who’s thoughts and writing impress me greatly. His AmSpec blogpost Memo to Palin: Get Over Yourself was, I think, one of those rare off-target shots.

Okay, now that I have ensured that I will receive lots of hateful comments…. Sarah Palin’s decision not to attend CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) is ridiculously petty.

There was a time, before the blogosphere, that CPAC was critical to getting a message out to the base, but that time is long gone. The Internet and its blogs have done a sterling job since. More than CPAC is not the Conservative movement… CPAC may no longer even serve a beneficial role. Perhaps, maybe, what if… Sarah Palin (and possibly others) see it as a grand waste of time where the risks outweigh the benefits?

I watched most of last year’s CPAC and found it to be a colossal WOT with respect to learning anything new. Limbaugh was the best there, I thought, but he offered his standard fare. It was indeed all great fun, but I did not see how it would do a damned thing to move the Republican Party off its tidal drift leftwards. We’ve had decades of CPAC and decades of Republican treachery. Thanks for the nice claret and the handshakes, lads, but there’s work to be done out there in the hinterland.

Petty? Get over yourself? Perhaps not, Mr Hillyer… What, instead, if Sarah Palin is just getting over CPAC? Is it a rebuff of Conservatives, or just a business decision? I think the latter.

Dan Riehl offers thoughts on related matters here.

Si Vis Pacem has more here.

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