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Heads-up: US Administration threatens Israel as Iran destabilizes. Oh, ducky.


Tehran is about to blow! Where’s Obama?
Jan 10, 2010 Michael Goodwin, NY Post

I try not to overdose on the fear factor, but the shocking intelligence failure in the Christmas airline plot isn’t the only national security night mare facing America. While we were all absorbed with the underwear bomber, the Iranian nuke mess took another big turn for the worse.

President Obama’s end-of-the-year deadline for the mad mullahs to make a deal on uranium enrichment came and went, but not without incident. There were three, none good.

Most troubling, the White House proved it still doesn’t have a Plan B, even though its unBush diplomacy has proven to be a total dud. Get a load of the double-talk from press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Asked at a briefing what the US will do now, Gibbs did a good imitation of comic Professor Irwin Corey, without the laughs. “Well, the next step is ongoing, and that is working with our partners in the P5+1 and throughout the international community in looking at the next steps to hold Iran accountable.”

In plain English: We don’t have a clue.

Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs points to the obvious solution:

US President Barack Obama’s special Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, threatened late last week to withhold financial aid to Israel if the Jewish state does not accept demanded concessions to Islam.

I pray that Israel tells Obama to take his loan guarantees and [finds alternative uses.]

It is times like these when one isn’t sure whether the Administration’s gross incompetence is ultimately a blessing or a curse.

Michael Ledeen at Pajamas Media offers an alternative to the George MichaelMitchell approach:

“… the United States has to actually DO some things. Those things are easy, proper, inexpensive, and non-violent, just like the Green Movement itself.

Here a few such actions:

First, provide aid to the families of the political prisoners, and of the dissident martyrs. This should be accompanied by public calls for the release of the prisoners and an end to torture and all human rights violations in Iranian prisons;

Second, provide modern communications devices to dissidents. In the Cold War we sent fax machines to Soviet dissidents; today’s freedom fighters need modern telephones and servers;

Third, bring an end to the regime’s successful jamming of radio and tv broadcasts into the country (nowadays, BBC, VOA, PARS and Farda are effectively off the air, while Iranian broadcasts on the same Hotbird satellite–including no less than seventeen tv channels–broadcast with no difficulty. Iranians need to know what is going on in their own country, and they need to hear encouraging words from the West.

Simple, proper and non-violent, but effective measures against an evil, violent regime that is killing its own people and ours every single day.

Faster, Please.

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