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Contrast in Cultures? America, the Tea Partiers, Iran and the Greens


American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson reported June 04th on the twentieth anniversary of the Tienanmen Massacre.

“It was 20 years ago today that China savagely repressed the democracy protests in Tienanmen Square. Today, China remains a dictatorship, and continues to have high levels of civil unrest (almost completely ignored in the foreign press)…”

Mr Lifson recalls the sheer courage of the Tank Man. (Please read it all.)

Today, Pajamas Media’s Bill Whittle and Michael Ledeen simultaneously report on the protest phenomenon that is, simultaneously as well, occurring in very different cultures – America and Iran. Very different? To a point, but America’s and Iran’s protest movements compare significantly.


“The people I have met at these events were generally the happy, decent, hard-working people that make up the vast middle of Silent America. They are not bitter, and they are not “consumed with rage.”

But they — I mean, weare angry. We have a right to be angry. As a matter of fact, we not only have a right but in fact have an obligation to be angry. The spending orgy in Washington brought on by the Democratic control of both houses of Congress and the election of the most liberal member of the Senate to the office of the Presidency is taking the country off the edge of a cliff and everybody knows it.”

Bill raises a critical issue that deserves amplification: God-given rights are also God-given obligations. The right to speak and the right of free assembly require that we do so for ourselves when necessary and, as importantly, on behalf of those too young or unable. Americans have a duty to protest, a duty even to mock those who misrepresent us and our goals.

“And a final note: do you know who we owe the remarkable success of the Tea Party movement to? We owe it to Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olberman, and Chris Matthews. We owe it to Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and Barack Obama — not just for the political motivation, but because they decided to make it personal.

By calling us Tea Baggers, and racists, and Nazis, and rubes, and hicks… by pretending we’re just a fringe group of dangerous radicals, or saying — as the President did, twice, and apparently with a straight face — that he was unaware that tens or hundreds of thousands of hard-working American patriots were clogging the streets of the city he lives in — well all of these geniuses poured can after can of lighter fluid on to what might have been some old, wet charcoal — nearly impossible to light — and turned it into a wildfire that will likely remake the landscape of this country. That’s why there’s a Tea Party.”

What Is Iran Planning for Thursday?

“Khamenei, whose public statements should be taken seriously, is promising some sort of devastating “punch” against the West on Thursday the 11th, the same day as the Green Movement is calling for a monster protest against his regime.

“What might he have in mind? I don’t know; they say a lot of things just for effect, but threats/promises from the supreme leader have a certain standing. If I were an Israeli official, I’d recheck my information on Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

. . .

“The other obvious possibility is that he’s ordered a massive, Chinese-style crackdown on the opposition. Since he believes that the opposition is foreign-based and foreign-controlled, a devastating massacre might count as a big “punch” to the West.”

The capo di tutti capi of Iran watchers may well have called correctly an imminent Tienanmen style round-up and slaughter in Teheran and other major centers. Let’s hope that whatever is planned turns out as a squib.

. . .

One fundamental point of contrast in our cultures and constitutions is that America is a civilly-armed nation. For now – and possibly, with God’s grace, for generations yet to come – America’s government is genuinely afraid of armed civilian resistance to oppression. The Bonus Army debacle in 1932, the arrest and internment of Americans of Japanese descent in 1942 under Franklin Roosevelt and the more recent Waco Massacre under Clinton of April 1993 have left the clear message that even America’s representative republic can turn ugly and oppressive.

It is perhaps ironic that fear of violence on both sides plays a large role in the peaceful and up-beat tenor of American Tea Party protesters. It is to the credit of the organizers and participants that America’s recent protests remain boisterous but under self-control.

As a reminder: The photo below is not of Tienanmen nor is it from Iran. That’s Texas, courtesy of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. Keep it peaceful, please, and may God bless.

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