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Calling Bob Woodward: AmSpec’s Quin Hillyer Calls Out Cowardice in the Old Media


Calling Bob Woodward

“Bill Keller of the New York Times, you are on the border of journalistic malpractice that brings your integrity into question. Ditto for Marcus Brauchli of the Washington Post. Katie Couric and Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews, Eugene Robinson and E.J. Dionne, and every other “establishment media” bigwig in the country. If you Google-search your names and see this column, good. Your sin of omission in one particular story is becoming so flagrant, so blatant, so inexcusable, that you have no more excuses for not covering it.

. . .

“This is, of course, the story of the voting intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party, inexplicably dropped after the case already was won, by political appointees or temporary political appointees of the Obama administration.

There is no way, none at all, that it does not qualify as major news. Unless, of course, you are a journalist with biases so deeply ingrained that you can explain away the world’s biggest double standard (your own) by pretending the story doesn’t exist at all. If you don’t think the same standards of what constitutes news apply when the suspicious activity is by liberals rather than conservatives, then you’re free and clear of all normal strictures of journalistic ethics.

Free, clear… and deeply dishonest and intellectually corrupt.”

Many thanks and tip o’ the hat, Mr Hillyer, for the tip o’ the iceberg. Bob Woodward had but one major scandal to report – this Administration is making them a commodity. There is so much more out there for a journalist to sink teeth and pen into:

* WalpinGate and the inspectors general firings. (Bravo Stacy McCain.)

* The Chrysler and GM putsch including the collateral dealerships scandal.

* The culture of tax-cheating in the administration who’s standard-bearer is turbo-tax Timothy Geithner.

* … and of icebergs themselves, ClimateGate.

Katie “I deserve a Pullitzer for my take-down of Palin” Couric took a well-earned seven million dollar hit in pay. She could triple that in returns… if she had the courage to accept Mr Hillyer’s challenge on any of the many juicy scandals right there for the taking. Katie, sweetie, instead of dirty-dancing at parties, how about earning a real audience and a place in history? How about simply earning some journalistic integrity?

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