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Politics is not the art of Compromise. It is the art of Power.


Some of the brightest lights out there still think of politics in the sense of the art of compromise. It is a valid description from the viewpoint of competing power interests…

More generally, politics is accurately described as the art of power. My daughter asked a tough question last night:

If libertarians just want to be left alone to pursue their own interests and seek no power over others, then how can they elect politicians to government if government is the use of force?

Yeah, hon – I don’t know the answer to that one. That, perhaps, was one of the primary questions the Founders attempted to address via the Constitution.

Ronald Reagan said often that the best way to win in politics is to win those to your way of thinking… compromise was always Plan ‘B‘.

I was about to start into reading Machiavelli and Sun Tzu when De Tocqueville’s classic volumes Democracy in America came into view. The point of Liberty versus Tyranny is the point of the Individual versus any number of Authoritarian regimes – imposed Power.

Update – finishing this thought:

I mention this because it is increasingly obvious that a center-right America is governed by a hostile faux-intellectual statist class that encompasses both Parties. Politics is compromise? Hardly.

If compromise had been an operating principle, our Republican Party would be libertarian-conservative and our Democrat Party would be what they are presently – a mash of progressives and marxist revolutionaries. Compromise would yield a net center-right governance. Instead we have been treated to an ever-leftward drifting Democrat Party and a Republican Party scampering like little puppies to join them.

It is time for individual-minded citizens to put the Republican Party back to it’s mission: Protecting and Defending the Constitution and God’s Liberties as enumerated therein. That will require that the libertarian conservative base use their power to raise appropriate candidates and support libertarian conservative policies.

“Centrists”, “undecideds”, “moderates” and the shoppers in between will then have two clear choices. I am confident that the majority will choose Liberty.

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  1. 2010/02/23 02:14

    dang where have all the good men gone!!

  2. 2010/02/23 03:36

    Comin' back, Angel.

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