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William-Adolph Bouguereau: Retro Rule Five Master


William-Adolph Bouguereau’s Jeune Fille Se Defendant Contre Lamour, 1880


An early reviewer stated, “M. Bouguereau has a natural instinct and knowledge of contour. The eurythmie of the human body preoccupies him, and in recalling the happy results which, in this genre, the ancients and the artists of the sixteenth century arrived at, one can only congratulate M. Bouguereau in attempting to follow in their footsteps. Raphael was inspired by the ancients and no one accused him of not being original.””

Odd, but as time flows on, I find I rather prefer the classical approach to feminine beauty. Perhaps it is the medium: Photography’s near instantaneous product very rarely hints at patience or such care for the subject.

Bob Belvedere over at TCOTS brings us Bouguereau’s gorgeous Woman With Seashell.

Past the link below, our poor young lad becomes most disheartened…

Douleur d’amour (Pain of Love) 1899

For those with an interest in modern retro, visit Bob’s TCOTS…


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