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The RINO as Architect: Camouflage and Consequences


Karl Rove’s new memoir is out…

…and this publication has an axe to grind with the former Senior Advisor, Lightning Rod and Deputy Chief of Staff to Dubya. Nay – many axes to grind.

Mr. Rove has successfully masqueraded as a “conservative” for decades. Has he ever championed the libertarian small-government values and policies at the core of the conservative movement? Has he ever challenged effete ‘progressives’ in the Republican Country Club?

That RINO horn is still a lightning rod, attracting the derision and scorn of a betrayed libertarian-conservative electorate. On the substantive issues of Liberty and Prosperity, he scored solid D‘s while ‘serving’ the President. On National Security, only a B-. Rove shares blame with Dubya for the massive Iran and NK failures.

Even Dubya’s throwing the base Justices Alito and Roberts at SCOTUS was far less an ideological preference as a cynical distraction, rather like Johnny English’s tossing squeaky toys at guard dogs. Mr. Rove has left us one Hell of a mess to sort-out.

The consequences of pretending to support American values while promoting a ‘progressive’ statist agenda has been the monumental failure of the Republican Party both as a brand and Republican failure as a legislative alternative to the extremist-Left Democrats. Much of that failure rests on Karl Rove’s shoulders.

The Architect“.

. . .

This publication suggests that instead of buying Mr. Rove’s book, donate instead to Soldier’s Angels or to a Libertarian-leaning Conservative candidate in your district.

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