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Gabriel Suarez at Human Events: Street Tactics: Calibers, Guns and Stopping Power


Human Events Online brings us a post by Gabriel Suarez: Street Tactics: Calibers, Guns and Stopping Power

Americans are increasingly taking-up the shooting sports. The reasons are legion. Women, especially, and for many the primary reason is personal and family defense. Mr. Suarez contributes straightforward advice for the newcomer on the selection of a handgun and caliber:

“Right after a prospective gunman decides which type of pistol to buy and carry, invariably, one of the things he asks is what caliber he should get. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to pick up any gun-related magazine and not see at least one article relating to ammunition and caliber choices.”

While the .45 Auto is given due praise as a “stopper”, Mr. Suarez points out that regardless of the caliber and “power” of the round,

“The caliber choice must be first predicated on the reality of your physical condition. Can you shoot the thing? Can you train with it? [. . .] Be honest with yourself. Let your intellect, and not your ego, select your caliber.”

The late Col. Jeff Cooper was known as a formidable proponent of the .45ACP/1911-A1… though few people knew that he was also a big fan of the .22LR:

The advantage of the .22 is that you will shoot it a lot, and thus learn to hit what you are shooting at. While stopping power is certainly essential in a sidearm intended primarily for defensive use, we must remember that a .22 in a tear duct tends to stop more decisively than a 9mm in the wishbone.” – Col. Jeff Copper, June 2002

There Is No Substitute For Shot Placement

Around this household, we take Mr Suarez and Col. Cooper at their word. Handgun of preference? The Walther P22. It’s concealable and shootable and very inexpensive to operate frequently and accurately. Regular practice is the key to shot placement and self-control under pressure. Though I’m partial to the all-black variant, yyessss! it is available in pink. As my daughter laments,

Too bad it doesn’t come in Hello Kitty!

Now there is an opportunity for cross-branding, yes?

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  1. 2010/03/15 01:06

    The most important thing is arming yourself and your family. A proficient rimfire shooter is much better than a well armed person who cannot afford to shoot.

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