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AmSpec’s Jeffrey Lord: Specter Opens Door on White House Felonies


“Felonies”, plural. From Jeffrey’s Tuesday column:

One former high-ranking Justice Department official, after telling me that there were indeed problems with the Department’s silence on this issue, said that in the current political climate at the Holder-run Justice Department, any Justice official who sought to go to Holder with thoughts of investigating Messina or his boss Rahm Emanuel or anyone else in the White House would have to have “brass balls.” A colorful way of saying that Justice Department officials are being intimidated from pursuing the truth, no matter where it leads.

Mr Lord followed up Wednesday with another odd datum: We still have no Deputy AG under Holder. While the ObamaCare circus is gobbling-up air, there is a dangerous situation just off-stage: An AG who, while hostile to the Constitution and prone to naive missteps, may just be powerful enough to resent being thrown under Obama’s steamroller.

The interview with Bret Baier didn’t go well at all. I sense desperation and endgame. More than just a few former mates under the bus, there’s chum in the water…

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