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Q: What do the Mid-East ‘Peace Process’ and the American ‘Health Care Prosess’ Have in Common?


Sen. Conrad says health care process may never, ever end. But they always do end…

A: Like true progressive malignant cancers, the two processes are terminal unless terminated.

The Washington Examiner’s Mary Katherine Ham notes: “Senator Kent Conrad, speaking to Roll Call and Fox, says the Senate will likely be unable to pass unchanged the reconciliation bill the House passes, even if the House can pass it.

Here is where it gets dangerous: If the House passes a measure on Sunday – anything, the real concern is that the man acting as President will, too, “deem” it passed again by the Senate, apply ink and claim “mission accomplished,” contrary to Law. It ain’t called The Slaughter at Deem ‘n Pass for nothing.

Prognosis: Chemotherapy and surgery are coming, people.

UPDATE:  The Senate may indeed Certify the Bill as passed – provided if and only if the Bill that reaches them Sunday is the unaltered Senate version stripped-out by the House Leader, separated from the House amendments under reconciliation.  The penultimate remedy for that, however, follows next February 2011 when the House initiates Impeachment proceedings…

… If you pray, then prayers for a Miracle, OK?

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