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NRO on Charles Krauthammer: Oddities Indeed.


Via NRO, this quote from Charles Krauthammer:

“There’s a striking oddity here. This is a president who bows deeply to the king of Saudi Arabia, who’s in a photo-op with the dictator of Venezuela, and will not allow the press in when he has a meeting with the prime minister of the only democracy in the Middle East and the strongest American ally in the Middle East.

“It is odd, indeed.”

About ‘the bow’: Perhaps it wasn’t so odd. Rather it appears to have been made with unique purpose. Please forgive that my take on ‘the bow’ as its explanation would appear to blunt Ockham’s Razor

There have been other similar misplaced bows since – to the Japanese Emperor, for example – and all of them have been lumped together as awkward over-statements of the new president’s attempt to show the world that America’s attitude will, from this point forward, be less “imperialistic” or some such rot.

Often children will mask a gaffe by repeating the gaffe later as though it were deliberate, thus diluting the first blunder into a broader set. An analysis of the first instance as it compares and contrasts with the follow-up instances can be highly instructive.

Since Krauthammer discusses “odd”, let’s look at something odder than Area 51. Consider this purely hypothetical scenario:

A child is fortunate enough to have been sent to the very finest private school in the state, a school with a high percentage of graduates admitted into Ivy League schools. Now, the genius child, perhaps by occident, manages only to scrape admission into one of the least prestigious colleges in the country – a school who’s admissions standards are a local punch-line. Odd, that.

Now imagine that a Saudi backer manages to catapult the student straight into Columbia. No-one at Columbia seems to recall the student later. Yet the student does so very well at Columbia that Harvard Law takes him. Odd, yes?

Now the student – having scaled the Ivy walls – happily boasts of the Harvard and Columbia connections, but steadfastly refuses to allow any of his college records to be reviewed. He spends over seven figures keeping them sealed – even sealing with them his grade-school records, his passports and birth certificate.

Now let us suppose that the student, aware of the debt he owes to his Wahhabist sponsor, officially meets the patriarch of the Saudi tribe. What does he do?

(AP Photo/John Stillwell/pool)

He bows and kisses the tribal patriarch’s ring. The act of submissiveness is both an embarrassment and an exposure, sadly appropriate to April Fool’s Day. His rational response is to apply the child’s dilution maneuver in an attempt to divert interest.

If Mr Krauthammer wants to examine “odd”, there is plenty of that just waiting to be investigated. Is it not stranger still that no-one in the mainstream media shows interest?

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  1. 2010/04/14 14:40


    Great to find you, AGAIN.

    Nice review of Botus’ academic “achievements” and the stunning and thorough lack of inquisitiveness among the non-journalists of the conventional national press.

    My suspicion is that those “journalists” have found in BO a man of their own mental and ethical substance, here meaning a consummate slacker; an individual entirely willing to believe that his own abysmally shoddy work product is actually of outstandingly high quality.

    Such is America today: Form Trumps Substance.


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