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About ‘Plan A’: Plan A.1 is Revenge


‘Plan A’ is to win in November. Quin Hillyer at American Spectator: Why Revenge Is Necessary. Plan A.1

“…This was an abuse of the democratic process so flagrant as to be Putin-esque. These tactics are quite literally a threat to the republic, and they must be condemned, reversed, and punished.

“As to what form that punishment should take, another column will be needed to tackle that issue. Rest assured, though, that the raving atrocity of Obamacare makes punishment of its perpetrators, punishment of the right and legal kind, a moral imperative.”

Please read it all. Our thanks to Quin Hillyer.

The only way for The Won to make it stick is a full-blown theft of our birthright by its redistribution to millions of freshly-evacuated vote-enfranchised illegals. The good news of Obama’s incompetence is that there is little time left to sell and pass such legislation. Depite that we had better yet expect the Democrats to go all-out for “comprehensive” immigration “reform.” Without the immediate and dramatic importation of votes with which to steal the November election, their day is over.

It is a simple fact of demographics that Conservatives have babies, Liberals have “choice.” While the Left gloats today that “elections have consequences” they have missed the truth that erections have consequences, too. The Left’s philososophes know that they are running out of majorities. This is why their missing dead must be replaced with illegals who owe their entitlements and fealty to the Party.  This we must stop.

Rolling-back and repealing bad legislation will be difficult enough.  It would be far more ugly to have to disenfranchise millions of new “citizens”.  Best to keep the Demos busy on some other imperative…

We must immediately demand full-blown investigations into WalpinGate and the firings of Inspectors General, for example – and tie these miscreants into knots. We must assure that they be put and kept on the defensive.

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