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Michael Ledeen: We are at war.


Historian Michael Ledeen reports from Sunday’s New York City gathering by Action Alliance.

We are at war. It’s a global war. It extends from Pakistan and Afghanistan to India, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and from there towards Israel and then down to Egypt, Sudan and Somalia, and west to Europe and ultimately to America. It targets Canada and Australia, Honduras and Colombia, and all those who challenge fanatical intolerance and instead advocate freedom.  It is a continuation of the ancient war of tyranny against freedom, a war that will endure so long as freedom threatens the power and legitimacy of monarchs and dictators.

. . .

Those of us who have gathered here today know that those who threaten Israel threaten America too.  In this moment of great crisis the overwhelming majority of Americans know that, just as our friends around the world proclaimed on September 11, 2001, “we are all Americans,” so today “we are all Israelis.”

Michael clarifies that this is a war involving three ideologies. Two are dictatorial: Religious totalitarianism and secular totalitarianism. The third is Liberty.  Those of us who want to be left alone to lead our own lives and families had better become engaged.  Liberty has the price of eternal vigilance.

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  1. David R. Graham permalink
    2010/04/27 02:15

    Oh yes, thanks, this is absolutely absolute truth!


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