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Paul Sieffert: The Artist’s Model (…Sur Une Peau d’Ours Récyclée)


Gotta love those climate clowns.  Now that AGW is sputtering under a cooling Sun, the shift is to Plan ‘B’… the threat to Biodiversity!  Oh My!

It’s real, I tell you.  Proof positive: Paul Sieffert  painted his models on recycled drowned Polar Bear skins!  Oh the horror!

. . .

Paul Sieffert's Nue Sur Peau d'Ours

. . .

This sort of thing has been going on for some time, mind.  Don’t forget that some people see things from another perspective.  Remember as well that Smitty serves-up the linkiest Rule 5 treats on the web.

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  1. 2010/05/24 13:30

    This post is a positively brilliant merger of McCain’s Rule 5 and a mirrored application of Alinsky’s Rule 5, making it a perfect 10 in political commentary on the liberals’ sacred cow AGW. High kudos yet again, Ran!


  1. More Retro Rule Five Fun with All-Natural Recycled Drowned Polar Bears! « Si Vis Pacem

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