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AmSpec’s Peter Ferrara: What Barack Obama is Thinking


Messrs Tyrrell and Regnery have one of the finest journals in media, The American Spectator. Peter Ferrara offers one of those tough intelligence estimates that challenges one’s morning caffein. I did not want to deal with this in the a.m., but it is a must-read…

What Barack Obama Is Thinking

Obama, true to his ‘education’, is repeating the strategies of FDR in an attempt to “nationalize the urban political machines dating back to New York City’s Tammany Hall that have long been the backbone of the Democrat party.”  Nay… Internationalize the Chicago thug machine.  Beyond the wildest dreams of FDR, this president and his cronies see America merely as a tax province of a greater order to which the US must heal.  To ‘actualize’ their vision, the Constitution must be subverted and replaced by International Law.

Why? Modern liberalism is not about solving the problems of the human condition: Modern liberalism is about centralizing and consolidating Power.

Ferrara: “But it won’t work. Only an intellectually cloistered prep school Marxist could think the politics of the 1930s would be an effective model for today’s modern America 75 years later. While America’s old media and brain freeze academia are part of the Obama/Democrat New Left political machine as well, they are effectively countered today by the modern media of the Internet, cable and satellite TV, talk radio, nationally distributed conservative newspapers and magazines, and the conservative and libertarian think tanks and grassroots organizations.

FDR’s beloved centralized power and crony politics is failing miserably throughout Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Africa.  With America’s declined productivity – the last great source of “other people’s money” and security – redistributive theory is taking a serious blow globally and at home.  The UN is proven institutionally incapable of solving any problem – even the simplest.

More than that: The stench of corruption spawned by the Chicago thug machine’s power-lust is washing ashore.  Walpingate.  The Black Panthers. The CCX and the IPCC’s climate fraud.  Sestak job offer.  Feddie Mae Mac Fannie. ACORN-SEIU.  GM-UAW. The old-line media have to realize that either they deal with the ooze or go down with it, but the blatant corruption at all levels from the petty to the grand is becoming impossible to ignore or to explain away.  As the market ignores and impoverishes the old-line media for its failure, it rewards and empowers the decentralized new media.

America’s Renaissance is a process, not an event.

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