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New York Sun’s Benyamin Korn: Why American Jews, Such Advocates of Immigration, Should Support Arizona


Quoth New York Sun’s Benyamin Korn, May 26:

“Can American Jews, who have always embraced ethnic diversity and generous immigration policies, support Arizona’s controversial new immigration law? Yes, we can – and we should.

Traditional Jewish support for a liberal American immigration policy has been rooted in two concepts, one practical, one idealistic. The practical is the need to shelter refugees from persecution; the idealistic is our vision of a pluralistic, multiethnic society. The Arizona law is consistent with both of these admirable goals.”

Not so fast, pal. I’m with you on legal immigration and general law enforcement.

We conservative and libertarian Jews don’t all of us share our liberal brethren’s daydream of “a pluralistic, multiethnic society.” The original melting-pot ideal united us all – Christians, Jews, new-comers, all of us – in the goals and blessings of Liberty. “Multiethnic” is just PC lube on the ugly but more accurately descriptive term “balkanized.” “Mosaic” identity is used by “progressives” to divide us, corral us in warring camps with petty turf. It’s bullshit: I am a race of one, ultimately.

Yeah, I’m a Jew and I attend minyan and Talmud class and I wear tallit and t’fillin during the morning service and I keep the Sabbath holy. Outside of shul, I’m an American. Proud American. American-American. That’s all I ask of others, including legal immigrants.

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