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More at Breitbart – thanks!

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/06/07 23:28

    Ding Dong ze vitch und dead.

    The thing that gets me is those reporters who worked along side of her for many years are now – only now – admitting what a Jew-hater she always was. Why didn’t they do the right thing in years past and shun Holocaust Helen, drum her out of polite society [and The White House Press Corps]?

    Collegiality is a nice thing except when it allows for monsters to spew their bile over the land while others pretend everything’s just fine.

    • 2010/06/07 23:59

      Thanks Bob – I hear you.

      I see the right thing differently. It is better, methinks, to let such fools expose themselves over time. They then have only themselves to blame for their denouement.


  2. 2010/06/08 01:58

    Ran: You really do have a knack for picking THE PERFECT graphic for your posts. In Washingtoon, once in a long while, people actually do get what they really deserve. HT’s abrupt departure from the scene was one of those rare events.

    • 2010/06/08 03:45

      Hey LA,
      Thanks man – it’s so great to see those damned socks curl-up and to know that she’s just freakin’ over.

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