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The New Self-Carving Turkey… Or How Ankara is Losing the Peace (With a Little Help From Its Friends).


UPDATE:  Related thoughts here from Michael Ledeen at Pajamas Media

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Via the New York Sun, the National Post’s Conrad Black asks: Should Turkey Be Expelled From NATO? The question has surfaced elsewhere, too.  Lord Black:

“We have the Europeans to thank for driving Turkey back into Asia with racial and religious slurs resonating in its ears, and the 90-year legacy of Kemalist secularism and western emulation in tatters. But this too is an opportunity. If Ankara goes cock-a-hoop for Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, we should close up support for Egypt and other states on the firing line with the Turks’ new proteges, and Turkey should be expelled from NATO and its citizens barred from migrating into the European Union.”

The New York Sun:

“No doubt such a suggestion would horrify the State Department in Washington. The Obama administration is now working, at the United Nations and elsewhere, to bring down the level of international emotion over the peace flotilla. If things go the way the administration wants, the affair of these peace ships — the Rachel Corrie was boarded without violence and brought into Ashdod — will come to be seen as a relatively minor chapter in the great drama. It is certainly hard to argue with Israel’s logic, which is that it is not seeking to block humanitarian aid but rather to inspect for weapons and other contraband that any nation would assert the right to indict in a situation like that which obtains in Gaza.”

Before we impart full blame to Turkey for it’s apparent hostility towards America’s one traditional ally in the region, we may want to take stock of the Democratic-controlled Congress’s pending resolution blaming Turkey for the Armenian Massacre during the Great War.  Even the reknowned leadership skills of the President, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful have been insufficient to put this nonsense to bed.  During the 20th Century, America became infamous for alienating and abandoning strategic allies – thanks to pressure from it’s own Left exploiting lack of confidence on the Right.  If Ankara is drifting away from us, it is due substantively to the attitudes of this Congress and this Administration.

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