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Retro Rule Five: Eugene de Blaas’ Die Wassertragerin (1908)


This post goes out to Major Steven Givler, a man who enjoys color and space.

Austrian Eugene de Blaas painted one of my all-time favorite works,  Die Wassertragerin, in 1908.  I find his subject comely yet subtly dangerous;  He captures the young woman’s intelligence in her facial expression, her attitude in perfect contraposto.  The painting’s composition is spatially alive; his subject is framed and clarified.   de Blass’ use of color and texture to create depth and space in this piece is extraordinary.  Note how he employs the sharp contrast of the jug’s glare with the soft, dark shadows beneath her skirt.  It’s interesting to compare this masterpiece to just about any work by contemporary Steve Hanks. Better, contrast.

. . .

Eugene de Blaas: Die Wassertragerin, 1908

. . .

Speaking of beauties… do visit Bob Belvedere’s Gallery of Gorgeous Gals.  Of course, Smitty will have buckets on-tap as well.

UPDATE: ‘If She Asked Me To A Murder, I Would Gladly Lose My Soul’

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  1. 2010/06/08 06:29

    Many thanks for the link. New paintings to be posted soon. None so luminous as the one above, unfortunately. Meanwhile, I’ve reposted the sad story of my illicit affair with Helen Thomas.

  2. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/06/08 15:28

    She is, indeed, dangerous, but well worth the risk.

    A wonderful work that has now entered by Hall Of Greatness.

  3. 2010/06/09 13:54

    Damn Fine Bloggin’.

    • 2010/06/09 13:59

      Irish – I’m honored, man! Thanks. Heh – I got laid-off, thanks to the economy. As I build my new business I’ve had WAY too much spare time. Devil, idle hands, all that.


  1. ‘If She Asked Me To A Murder, I Would Gladly Lose My Soul’ « The Camp Of The Saints

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