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Thoughts on DADT from Stacy McCain: God and Man at The American Spectator: Intellectuals vs. Ordinary Americans


Robert Stacy McCain in today’s American Spectator.

“…the point I made here in my weekend post: This debate has been framed so that one’s position on a matter of policy serves as a barometer of “one’s perception of homosexuality,” as Klein says. Only one perception of homosexuality is acceptable among the bien pensants, and therefore only one policy conclusion — the overturning of DADT — is possible.”

Stacy makes some fine points about the terms “intellectual” and “ordinary” which people of the blogosphere understand instinctively.

There are also a number of false preconceptions about DADT – one, for example, being that DADT is “anti-gay” when in fact it applies universally – to heteros, homos and kinkos equally. (Like blondes? Dig sheep? Fine… just don’t make it my business.  There’s a war on.)

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