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Lipstick ain’t enough: Recovering from Republican Brand Damage is a Process


It was darkly humorous the other day to hear Markos Moulitsas on TV, sniveling on and on about how Republicans under George Bush expanded Senior Drug entitlements, for example, and how totally hypocritical it is of them to be talking about repealing ObamaCare today.  That these same ‘Republicans’ had severely damaged the Brand – and indeed, cost them the ’08 election – was studiously avoided by the parasite Kos and his host.  Robert Stacy McCain notes today that

Lipstick ain't enough.

“…Republicans need to be aware that their party still hasn’t recovered from Bush-era “brand damage.” That was my personal take-away from the PA-12 special election last month: Tim Burns was a good candidate with a good message, but simply couldn’t win in a majority-Democrat district with an “R” beside his name.

This problem is not ideological, by the way. It’s not that GOP candidates or policies are “too conservative,” it’s that the failures of Bush-era Republicanism left the party with an image of cluelessness and corruption. Democrat candidates can fake being conservative a lot easier than Republican candidates can escape the toxicity of that “R.”

Stacy’s analysis is good. If he were wrong, phenomena such as the Tea Party movement and Chris Christie wouldn’t be possible. Libertarians and Conservatives have awaken to the betrayal of their Party by ‘progressive’ and liberal RINO’s, and thay are beginning to reclaim lost ground.

Not everywhere: In some districts, such in PA-12, it was possible for the Democrat to criticize Tim Burns as being not conservative enough. Some cuts run deep, some distrust too justified. It is going to take a lot of continued effort and courage in the libertarian-conservative base and serious RINO culling in the RNC itself.

The process of returning the Republican Party to it’s constitutional-republican limited-government ideological roots is underway. The rise of the Libertarian Republican candidate is one sign of a tidal shift in the Republican base.  Eric Dondero & Clifford Thies’ romp through the growing Libertarian brushfire points right to the flames beneath the smoke.  Lipstick isn’t going to save the RINO.

PS: Stacy, Smitty – honored to be on your blogroll! Thank you!

UPDATE: Speaking of ‘toxic Rs’, Right Klik points to putting a little Liberty in Republicans’ Tea

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/06/09 15:23

    It is going to take a lot of continued effort and courage in the libertarian-conservative base and serious RINO culling in the RNC itself.

    So true.

    But it will work if we are relentless and stop moving towards a civil war.

  2. 2010/06/09 18:11

    I hear you, Bob. The enemy of my enemy may be simply a competitor – but not an enemy. Methinks conservatives and libertarians understand the choices.

  3. 2010/06/13 20:37

    Thanks for the link!


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