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Retro Rule Five: John William Godward and the Spymaster’s Women


Just think, I was a precocious six-year old, already a talented womanizer and connoisseur of wines and films, fighting communism in the streets of Europe.”

I can tell you from first-hand experience that Michael Ledeen loves fine autos and a decent stogie.  This revelation then comes as no surprise.  Speaking of fascinating women…

John William Godward painted one such femme fatale in 1901, Girl in Yellow Drapery.

. . .

John William Godward: Girl in Yellow Drapery, 1901

. . .

With gals such as this running about the streets of Roma, one can understand Michael’s early wanderings. Though, in those days, I’m not sure Michael could tell the difference between comely and commie

UPDATE: Irish Cicero’s Washington Rebel must have a spy in our network… The lad knew I dig sultry brunettes. He knew! Just scroll down.

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