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Ohio and the Split Vote


Philip Klein at The American Spectator Blog posts NRA Endorses Democratic Gov. Strickland Over Kasich

“Strickland has earned high marks from the NRA, but Kasich’s reputation on gun rights was badly damaged by his vote for the 1994 Clinton assault weapons ban.”

More than that:  Kasich is seen in Ohio as a Republican Party “insider”, a product of a damaged, corrupt Party machine who’s brand has produced phenomenal RINO’s such as Senators Mike DeWine and George Voinovitch.  Where Kasich has less than a stellar record on small-government and private property, Ted Strickland enjoys a reputation amongst Ohio Republicans as willing to horse-trade.

America’s manichaean constitutional Republic seldom produces the sorts of multi-Party splits common in parliamentary democracies.  American voters throw their monkey-wrenches into the gears of “progress” by dividing the Executive against the Congress.  It will not be surprising, then, to find Ohio’s incumbent Democrat Governor Ted Strickland returned to face a clear majority Republican Congress.

In its own perverse way, splitting the vote may better serve a libertarian conservative agenda.  Kasich’s loss may serve as a reminder to Ohio Republicans that RINO’s will no longer be tolerated.  Better to replace Kasich later with a true conservatve than to be played in the short term.  Republicans will be better able to make the case that a small-government libertarian-conservative Governor is the solution if little gets done to reduce Ohio’s spending and to improve the rights of private Ohioans.

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