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FMJRA: Stacy Enjoys a Wee Bit of Schadenfreude When CoNor (with but one “N”) Tugs on Superman’s Cape


The fun begins here.

One quibble: Mark Steyn refers to CoNor’s style as pedantic.  ‘Tis, but Hell… CoNor’s penchant for the polysyllabical results not in R. Emmett Tyrrell or William F. Buckley but rather a silly cartoon conservatism.  Cheap drag – not to put too fine a point on it.  Even that wouldn’t matter iffff there, CoNor offered solid analysis or inspired evaluation.  Naw.  Mostly a regurge of tired-out statist progressive notions dressed straight from a Verbal Verbiazhe CD.  We already have Tom Friedman and he writes seductively.

I’ll give any smart writer a shot or two – but when “the crucible of public discourse” is just a smokin’ crater? Eeeeewe – path!

[Dear reader: I have no tolerance for first-class bullshitters such as CoNor. I’m in a foul mood already. Leaving tomorrow to settle the estate of a family member. Shall return Tuesday. May do a bit of on-the-road posting. Shall miss you! In the mean time,
– Please –
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