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So… The New York Sun Asks: What’s Wrong With The Ecommunist?


damn, but that’s a really, really good question.

“The Economist is out with an editorial this week called “What’s Wrong With America’s Right.” It starts out rowing back from its endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008, explaining that he has done “little to fix the deficit,” shown “a zeal for big government,” and “all too often” has “given the impression that capitalism is something unpleasant he found on the sole of his sneaker.” So it asserts their endorsee needs to be “pegged back.” Then editors John Mickelthwait and Co. take out their humiliation on those American Republicans and conservatives who have stood most steadily on principle from the get-go.”

Methinks the answer is…  editors John Mickelthwait and Co.  Why the e-Con bothers to sell ads, I don’t know.  If you ran a business that depended upon a healthy (free) market, would you want to advertise in e-Con?

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