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Washington Examiner’s Meghan Cox Gurdon: Congressman not the only one misbehaving in sidewalk encounter


This is reportage from the Washington Examiner?

“I’ve watched both videos and while Rep. Etheridge does not come off well, it seems to me that his reaction was frankly understandable and that the physical aggression began not with him, but with the young man who shoved his camera into the congressman’s face. The self-described students — their faces are blurred on the video and they wouldn’t tell the lawmaker who they were — called out a question and then, as the older man passed, thrust the device close to him. Honestly, who wouldn’t flare up? Wouldn’t you?”

(Actually, Gurdon, the answer is “No, I would not.” Since you had the gall to note Michael Moore, recall Charlton Heston’s response when the bloated film bully stuck his camera in Charlton’s face.)

Gurdon blows on for 526 words of semi-coherent, unparagraphed hysteria in an attempt at moral equivalence between the actions of a couple of student videographers and Representative Etheridge.  It doesn’t work quite as she intends… rather we learn much about Gurdon we didn’t want to know.

Despair not.  The Examiner’s contributors are not all of them angry pet trolls.  Solid reporting is to be enjoyed with David Freddoso, Mark Hemingway, Mark Tapscott, Michelle Malkin, Byron York…  Too many to count here, but we trust you’ll enjoy the Washington Examiner.

UPDATE: It is disconcerting that Gurdon equates pointing a camera with physical assault. That points to a serious issue with Gurdon’s judgment.  By extension, it points to her Editor’s intent.  Look, if the Examiner believes that an Angry Pet Troll will attract readers, fine, it does, but it is a short-term effect.  I, for one, will no longer read Gurdon’s trollposts – for the same reason I dropped reading Andrew Sullivan, Michael “Savage” Weiner, David Frum and others from consuming precious time. I’ll give anyone a chance when and if they have something coherent on-offer, even that pack of clowns.

[More from Stacy ‘n Smitty via this link. – Ed]

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