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Tarred Beaches as Rorschach Test


…one last though before I run:

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Herbert/AP. (Deepwater Horizon accident as Rorschach test)

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For those on the Left – and one Hell of a lot media consumers – the Deepwater Horizon accident and resulting spill are symbolic of the evils of free enterprise.  No effort is spared to tar BP and feather their environmental nests with yet more regulation and totalitarian control.  That is no mere rhetorical flourish: One major outlet’s announcer asked openly why the president didn’t act more like a “dictator” sooner.

For many on the Libertarian-Conservative side of the spectrum, the despoiled beaches are symbolic of the cancer of over-regulation and the evils of diktat forcing BP to drill in deep water, for starters.  The denial of international resources to BP and the illegal plundering of BP’s equity strike an ugly totalitarian chord.

American Spectator’s George Neumayr notes:

“It is inconceivable to Matthews that any responsible American could regard Obama as “tyrannical.” But Obama’s knee-jerk confiscatory socialism this week provided fresh proof of it. Obama now moves to mop up the Gulf spill with a shredded Constitution. His demand that BP essentially hand over a blank check to the U.S. government has all the legality of a car-jacking.

“The Democrats don’t even bother to conceal the crassness of this demand, saying casually that they will manufacture the legal authority for the shakedown sometime in the future. Just seize the money, their attitude goes, and we’ll write the “legislation” to justify the theft later.”

Please read Mr Neumayr’s article.

Have a great week-end!

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  1. 2010/06/18 19:22

    Great post Ran. It dovetails nicely with my own on a parallel topic.

  2. 2010/06/22 01:33

    Thanks LA. Just got back into town. Away on unpleasant family mayhem.

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