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So the State Republicans called today on the phone…


…and I told the poor gal, with passion, “thanks, but…”

Until national and state Republican Parties nominate candidates who are genuine libertarians or conservatives, I will give directly to candidate’s campaigns. I will no longer accept being force-fed RINO’s by a liberal-left machine under the false conceit of “playing to the moderates.”

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/06/23 00:35

    Bully for you! That’s the attitude I’m taking. That’s why Stacy started the NOT ONE RED CENT campaign.

  2. 2010/06/23 00:44

    Yeah – bit of a political “take no prisoners” frame of mind. Gored by one too many RINOs.

  3. 2010/06/23 02:50

    I got a call from Linda McMahon’s campaign the other day. I told them I was for Peter Schiff. The guy fell kinda silent and then apologized for calling. I got a sense that he’d heard the same thing at least a few times during his phone bank shift.

    • 2010/06/23 03:30

      NICE, LA! Great story. Yeah – I hope he did hear it a few times. I apologized to the gal and asked her not to take it personally – that I didn’t want passion to ruin politeness – and she was good about it. I hope the messages get upstairs.

  4. 2010/06/23 09:57

    Similar to what I told my alma mater, Penn State years ago – when you quit supporting mediocrity and working directly against the things I believe in, I’ll be happy to contribute. Til then, quit calling.


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