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Pray for Joe Biden. Please.


The firing of General McChrystal over reports in a hippie magazine of comments offered second-hand by aides – comments that rose to the level of snark – points to the fact that we have, apparently, the weakest, thinnest skinned and most incapable president in our lifetime. Assuming, of course, that your view is that the president is attempting to follow duty. Whatever one assumes, it is rather more clear that the president’s mishandling of a minor issue threatens to be counter-productive to the war effort and American security in the long-term.

The bungling would have been of lesser importance if there hadn’t previously been so may like it. BP’s culpability notwithstanding, the Deepwater Horizon accident is widely perceived to have been aggravated into a major environmental disaster, thanks in no small part to governmental agency interference and administrational incompetence. The litany of examples is near endless.

From the very beginning of this administration we’ve been witness to an unbroken string of errors, gaffes and failures on every duty, foreign and domestic. The result is that ‘long-term’ may be morphing into a ‘short-term’, if not a ‘near-term.’

Sometimes the small things tell one volumes. In today’s American Spectator, R. Emmett Tyrrell notes a comment by Mortimer Zuckerman:

“[Mort Zuckerman] wrote it clearly worried about the path that lies ahead and when he spoke of that “critical mass of influential people” he knew what he was writing about. This is why official Washington is taking a fresh look at Joe Biden. They note his gaffable presence, but they are clearly fortified by his presence.”

Joe Bite-Me!? Reassuring? Not for 2016, nor even 2012. ‘Plugs’ couldn’t get beyond second prize in a beauty contest… unless first prize resigned or got fired. They’re thinking 2011.

Not a few of us noted early in this administration that the ‘clean, articulate’ but pathetically inexperienced president would have a difficult time running for a second term. [Unless the Republicans “stayed the course” and gave us another RINO – Ed.] Today the rancid stench of corruption from the Chicago Machine attracts flies to everyone it touches – Blago, CCX, Algore, Emanuel, Holder… the flies are trying to tell us something.

There is a responsive chorus asking whether this president will remain in office much past November’s mid-term elections. Which brings us back to General McChrystal and to Joe Biden.

McChrystal may have been fired precisely because he was competent and reassuring and ultimately good for America over the long-term. In an administration that has done the wrong thing in every major area of duty, even a quasi-competent such as Joe Biden had better watch his back. Mr Tyrrell asks “After all, who else is there, Axelrod, Emanuel, and Jarrett?

Yes, count on it, especially Jarrett, freshly ensconced, offering full pardons to both Obamas and anyone else joining them on the next leg of their journeys of self-discovery. Please pray that Joe Biden is truly a vertebrate.


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