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The Intellectual Activist: Robert Tracinski, an Objectivist Witness of Our Times


Robert Tracinski is Editor and Publisher of ‘The Intellectual Activist – analyzing current political, cultural and philosophic issues from a pro-reason, pro-individualist perspective.’ I’ve found his publication is well worth the time and modest cost. I encourage our readers to visit his site and to sign-up for a free 30-day trial of TIA Daily.

In June 21st’s feature email article, ‘Planning to Fail‘, Tracinski signs-off with the following:

Three Crises Bigger than the Oil Spill—and Why Obama’s Ignoring Them, Too

. . .

From the beginning, we’ve been warning that Barack Obama is an anti-American president, that he believes in American decline on principle—that he thinks we’re too wealthy, too powerful, and too free and need to be taken down a peg. His policies are achieving that goal.

Americans are learning that Obama is an ineffectual leader by the standard of achieving America’s success, prosperity, and security. What they need to learn next is the terrifying truth that these are not his standards.

A consensus is emerging.

We, too, have noted this ugly fact:

Beyond the wildest dreams of FDR, this president and his cronies see America merely as a tax province of a greater order to which the US must heal. To ‘actualize’ their vision, the Constitution must be subverted and replaced by International Law.

It is increasingly obvious that politics today is a totally different game, with ‘fundamentally transformative’ objectives, when one considers the scale of the corruption of this government and administration, and the scale of the power-grab in play, and the scale of the forces working against our economy. These people expect to remain in office. They expect to benefit and thrive from their parasitism. They genuinely expect to get away with it all.

However dangerous our situation, there remains plenty of reason for optimism. Hyper-arrogance and too-little mature discipline has permitted this Pharaoh and his Chicago Cult to turn-up the heat on the frog-pot much too fast. It’s awakened the frogs. Recently we were looking for the next Ronald Reagan… Today we have so many emergent leaders, it’s difficult to keep up. Jindal? Palin? Christie? Ryan? Bachmann?

There is a transformative libertarian cultural shift emerging. We want more than to “slow down” this hard turn Left. We want more than to repeal current legislation. We want to reverse the ‘progressive’ cancer of nanny-state government and re-establish meaningful and enforceable limits on the powers of government at all levels. We want to grow out past our debts and obligations into prosperity. We want to encourage American Exceptionalism… at home, in individuals. We want to lead the world… by example, not by force.

That means actively engaging ourselves, our neighbors and engaging our children. There is an old Jewish saying: One isn’t Jewish merely because one’s mother was Jewish, rather one is Jewish because one’s grandchildren are Jewish.

Likewise, one is not free because our parents enjoyed Liberty. Freedom and individual accountability and responsibility are things we must pass down to the next generations. “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of America.” The fly bespotted Pharaoh had no idea that, for once, he was telling the truth.

UPDATE: Sorry for the preachy tone there. Shouldn’t write until I’ve had loads o’ coffee filtered through my synapses. I mean, sense of humor makes for happier customers, right? OK, so I totally made-up the phrase “fly bespotted” on the fly, er, on the run. Works. Anyway, I think we’ll win this, but gird your loins, grab yer gloves and a sturdy mop. The flies are trying to tell us something.

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  1. 2010/06/28 14:39

    Yes – if you realize that his goals are not strength, prosperity, and liberty for Americans, then it becomes obvious that he is a very effective leader. I think he’s content for us to underestimate him by falling into the trap of thinking his goals are the same as ours.

    We teach our strategists to avoid assuming that the enemy thinks like we do, and wants the same things we do. Who would have thought that we have to apply the same caution when thinking about our president?

    • 2010/06/28 14:48

      You know… You’ve just inferred that the enemy, by definition, does not think like we do. I think you may have just performed an upgrade on Sun Tzu: The Art of War v2.o


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